BookFest / Festival du Livre Windsor has been awarded a $25,000 grant from the Canada Council for the Arts Digital Now program!

This funding was specifically set up to support media professionals, artistic endeavours, and digital production knowledge in the Black, Indigenous, People of Colour (BIPOC) communities that may have lost work opportunities during the COVID-19 restrictions.

Jointly with the Essex County Black Historical Research Society (ECBHRS), the group will hire BIPOC media professionals and authors to film, present, and document Black history and culture from this region with joint activities in a project called “Words and Monuments.” The project celebrates two significant anniversaries from 2021, the 20th Anniversary of BookFest / Festival du Livre Windsor and the 20th Anniversary of the unveiling of International Underground Railroad Memorial.

Words from our very own BookFest powerhouses:

Irene Moore Davis, President, Essex County Black Historical Research Society: “The Essex County Black Historical Research Society is delighted to be involved in this project in partnership with our friends at Literary Arts Windsor. This will provide an opportunity to celebrate our region’s Underground Railroad heritage and the International Underground Railroad Memorial itself with a commemoration that will highlight the creative and cultural richness of our community, including but not limited to artists who are Underground Railroad descendants.”

Sarah Jarvis, President, Literary Arts Windsor: “With the blessing of ECBHRS and the Literary Arts Windsor board, I applied for this funding in 2021, and am delighted that this generous funding came through this year from this ground-breaking one-time offer from the Canada Council for the Arts. I am equally thrilled that we can take our on-going efforts to support for BIPOC authors, media, and audiences with the gracious support of, and collaboration with, our friends at the ECBHRS. We can also take our digital imprint to a whole new level with this funding. I’m also grateful to Irene Moore Davis who is not only the president of ECBHRS, but the Programming Chair of BookFest / Festival du Livre Windsor.”

Call for Media Professionals here: download pdf file