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Dany Laferriere and David Homel
Dany Laferriére and David Homel. Credit: Sanja Frkovic

Every year, BookFest Windsor features a panel on translation and francophone books. In 2013, BookFest Windsor co-sponsored an event with the Humanities Research Group at the University of Windsor. Dany Laferriere, in conversation with David Homel, presented in French to a mainly Francophone audience about his passion for writing and for his native land, Haiti. M. Laferriere’s appearance was partially sponsored by The Association of Literary Translators of Canada (LTAC). In 2014, we worked with l’Association canadienne française de l’Ontario (ACFO WECK) to bring Louis Hamelin to the Capitol Theatre. As a leader in its regional francophonie, ACFO WECK ensures the blossoming of francophones and francophiles, refers and gathers them in order to assure links between sectors and the promotion of French services. It is with great pleasure that BookFest Windsor is collaborating with ACFO WECK in order to develop the francophone section of the Festival.

Since 2018, our francophone programming is greatly expanded with the sponsorship of Conseil Scolaire Catholique Providence and Conseil Scholaire Viamonde.



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BookFest / Festival du Livre Windsor 2021

October 14 - October 17

Our 20th Anniversary edition! With safety protocols in place, we plan to hold all events online this year….