Writing Contest

The 2020 Writing Contest is postponed this year.
Hoping that our young writers will be inspired by the presentations of the Online Edition of BookFest / Festival du Livre Windsor 2020!


Congratulations to the winners of the 2018 Contest in French and English! Félicitations à tous!

Thank you to contest coordinator Irene Moore Davis, our volunteer judges, moderator Elisabeth Brito and author Elly Blake for supporting our students.

Renu Nair “Power of Words: Honest”

3rd place Age 6-8, English

Emma Persaud “Make someone smile today”

2nd place Age 6-8, English


Kalil Wahab “Always say please and thank you”

1st place Age 6-8, English


Raeanne Laporte “Le pouvoir des mots”

3rd place Age 9-13, French


Arianne Andary “La Forme des Mots”

1st place Age 9-13, French

“Un Seul Mot”

2nd place Age 9-13, French


Matthew Ferrier-McCaffrey “Wisdom of the Sea”

3rd place Age 9-13, English


Noah Cherian “Words That Made the Moon Famous”

2nd place Age 9-13, English


Rawan El-Cheikh “Torn”

1st place Age 9-13, English

Catherine Andary “Un mot, c’est quoi?”

1st place Age 14+, French

Jenna MacNeil “Her Second Chance”

3rd place Age 14+, English


Elianna DiPietro “Do You See the Broken Glass”

2nd place Age 14+, English

Juhi Maraj “Permission to Fire”

1st place Age 14+, English